A downloadable game for Windows

This is a top-down action game in mazes. Over 15 levels are in the game.

You need to help the Snowman to plant the flowers in the green locations. The butterflies are harmful to the Snowman. The tomatoes can make the butterflies stop for a short period of time but the tomatoes can kill the flowers as well. 

Keyboard Guide
spacebar: put tomatoe
cursor keys: movement
4/5/6: 4 butterflies/5 butterflies/6 butterflies
f: fast movement(player's character)
s: slow movement(player's character)
p: pause game
u: unpause game
b: backup game progress
l: load game progress
w: windowed mode or full screen mode
r: restart game
i: increase background music volume
d: decrease background music volume

The game was made by FFSLDM(me). It is a free game. 

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Flowers.zip 1 MB